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How To Commit Suicide: Instructions, Examples, and Scientific Methods


I looked across the table to a couple kissing. Yes, I think I know why I was in such a state. I was lonely like the rest of the world. You know, when you study for eight hours a day, you slowly lose your mind. I was going through Phase Two of social suicide: eternal damnation with text books being your only friends. I must have thought that too loud; the couple stopped and looked at me. I was only gaping.

Nostalgia: Summer Nights, Kiddie Pools, and Undoing our Growing Up


Despite everything adulthood cast upon us, I know one thing: I’m still a kid. I’m still barely old enough to walk around in diapers, contemplating whether I should go with breast milk for dessert or Similac baby formula. I’m still stuck in traffic, thinking about what all this means. I’m still hungry for life. I still want us all to gather around a table and talk about girls who have cooties and boys who are gross.