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Existential Theory is a blog dedicated (mostly) to philosophy, poetry,  theology, and short stories, being run by Moses Y. Mikheyev. He studied theology and biblical languages at Whitworth University before obtaining a master’s from Emory University, where he studied theology and Wittgenstein’s philosophy of language. He is working on two novels: a dark psychological romance titled “The Seduction of Koroleva,” and a romantic thriller titled “The Final Romance.”

He resides in Atlanta, GA, spending most of his time in Buford, GA.

You can contact him by writing on the blog or by sending him an email: mosesmikheyev1[@]gmail[dot]com


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  1. Just stumbled upon this web site. Read a few of the postings on subjectivity/objectivity, the impossibility of proving the existence of God, etc. I’m excited by the depth of thought and breadth of subject matter. I’m disappointed, however, by the dearth of comments (although so many comment sections devolve into the juvenile exchanges, so maybe it’s a blessing in its own way). If you don’t mind, I’m going to wade in a bit on some of the things I’ve read and am looking forward to reading. Anyone who takes the time and energy to create something of quality like “Existential Theory” deserves a thank-you before one engages in further discussion.

    • Hi, newtonfinn. Thanks for the compliments. This is certainly not a popular website – though that is probably not surprising. I get a handful of visitors a day. I think that one explanation is that existentialism in general is no longer as popular as it used to be (think back to the time of Sartre, who had millions of “followers”). We’ve entered a different age. Existentialism does not have a popular philosopher any more who is accessible – most of the existentialists are either dead or boring scholars.