Month: January 2015

Porn and the Problem of Pixelated People


Porn has a problem with people. You see, people don’t really exist in the porn world. Through the porn-washed eyes of porn, mankind (sic) loses its ability to see actual people. People as human beings are annihilated and completely annulled in the world of porn, according to the Laws of Porn. What one gets instead is this image, this fragmentary relic of an image, of a complex human being. One sees nothing but her vagina. Her breasts. Her eyes. Her hair. One can almost smell her. What one cannot do is experience and engage her as a human being. One takes away from her the very thing that makes her her. One takes away from the human being his/her humanity. One cancels out the human. Porn allows you to do that. It forces you to do that. It trains you to do that. It molds you into an anti-human person. It makes you the Antichrist. Through the eyes of porn, one can only objectify the Other. You end up seeing her for who she really is not. There is no “being” in porn. Existence is non-existent in porn. There is nothing. The Other is not really in a state of being. The Other is completely wiped out in the act of holocaust. The Other is not. What you get is an empirical fragment, a pornographic image, of the Other. You don’t know anything about the Other. All you “know” is the color of her vagina. Your knowledge ends there. You’ve reduced her to a color. Her existence hinges upon the fact that she is red or pink or blue or pale or…