Month: July 2014

The Hebrew Aleph When In Love


Without you, I am like the August night sky without stars; like a river bed without water; like a raging flame without heat; like a beach without its sand. I am paradox without you.
Already I am complicated; already I am confusing.
No one understands me like you do; no, not one. How many lovers out there can quench this love? How much darkness will it take to turn this sky into night, so that the beauty of you, my love, may shine forth?

Elusive Love: A Theory About Why Humans Love Mystery in Inter-Sex Relationships


I only love her when I know that I know nothing about her. I only love her when I do not categorize her and accept her for who she is at any given moment. I love her holistically. A human being, by definition, is a being that is known by the sum of all activities. A human being is only truly human when dead—when we all know what he or she has accomplished. When I say I love someone who is still alive, I am claiming her past, present and future. I am saying that I love her holistically. I love the person she was, is and will be. I love her for who she is and will become as a dead human being. I put my love upon an individual who will change, grow and age with me. I do not know where this “change” will take me—it is all unknowable and irrational. I merely take a leap of faith and leap along with the love of my life wherever she takes me. That is true love. That, right there, is the whole of human existence. I love her because I have made a covenant with her—to love her no matter what. I love her because I have placed my faith in her. I don’t know where it’ll take me, but that’s what faith is. That’s what true love is.

Nostalgia: Summer Nights, Kiddie Pools, and Undoing our Growing Up


Despite everything adulthood cast upon us, I know one thing: I’m still a kid. I’m still barely old enough to walk around in diapers, contemplating whether I should go with breast milk for dessert or Similac baby formula. I’m still stuck in traffic, thinking about what all this means. I’m still hungry for life. I still want us all to gather around a table and talk about girls who have cooties and boys who are gross.